Cut and Finish

Lead Stylist Senior Stylist Stylist Graduate Stylist
Cut & Finish
£42.00 £40.50 £35.00 £26.00
Big Blowdry
£31.00 £31.00 £28.00 £20.00
£25.00 £25.00 £22.00 £17.00
Men's Cut & Finish
£21.50 £18.50 £16.00 £12.00
Child (Uunder 12) - Cut & Finish
£30.00 £30.00 £25.00 £21.00
Child (Uunder 12) - Cut
£20.50 £17.00 £15.50 £10.00
Dry Off
£12.00 £12.00 £10.00 £08.00

Bespoke L’Oreal Colour Consultations

Consultations are the key in creating the perfect client journey

Why not let our L’Oreal Colour Specialist; Aimee and her team look after you and your hair?

Hair By Jones offers complimetnary colour consultations for anyone wanting our unique experience within our salon.

During your 30minute consultation we will take you through warm and cool colour tones,

look at your skin tone and eye colour to see what suits you. We will find out what you need from your colour and how we can fit it in with your lifestyle.

Skin allergy tests will be carried out during your consultation.

Colour Specialist Senior Colourist Colourist Graduate Colourist
T-Section Weaves
£67.00 £58.00 £52.50 £41.00
Half-head Weaves
£75.50 £66.50 £61.50 £49.50
Full-head Weaves
£100.00 £90.00 £80.00 £61.50
T-Section Weaves & Full Head Colour
£100.00 £90.00 £80.00 £61.50
Regrowrh Tint
£43.00 £39.50 £34.50 £31.00
Full Head Tint
£48.00 £44.50 £38.50 £34.00
Inoa Roots
£53.00 £49.50 £47.50 £41.50
Inoa Full Head Colour
£60.00 £54.00 £51.50 £46.50
Semi Permanent
£42.50 £39.00 £35.00 £31.00
Balayage Technique
From £95.00 From £85.00 From £85.00 From £61.00
Scalp Pre-lightener
From £65.00 From £59.50 From £59.50 From N/A
From £20.00 From £20.00 From £20.00 From £15.00
Boost your blonde
From £25.00 From £20.00 From £20.00 From £15.00
Colour correction (quote on consultation)

N.B. extra charges for long/thick hair and extra time are at the discretion of your stylist

a skin test is required 48 hours prior to colouring service


Kebelo Hair Smoothing System

Kebelo is the foundation of beautiful hair

Goodbye frizz, hello smooth. With Kebelo ADVANTAGE smoothing system you will get
100 days of frizz- free, easy to manage, healthy, shiny, smooth hair.

We know how bad hair days can be stressful. We know years of styling and colouring can leave hair damaged and prone to frizzing. And we know how much time and effort it takes to keep it looking beautiful. Those days are now over. With this revolutionary smoothing treatment you will get amazingly smooth, frizz-free, glossy, easy to manage hair. If you are one of the 86% that suffers from either dry, damaged, frizzy or unruly hair, then ADVANTAGE is the solution.

The Kebelo ADVANTAGE smoothing treatment takes three simple steps; cleanse, treat and maintain. Using Kebelo pioneered carbocysteine hair technology that allow the treatment to support, strengthen and revitalise each strand from within, weak, dull, frizzy, unhealthy hair is transformed to beautiful smooth locks filled with bounce and volume.


Permanent Wave

Using L’Oreal Professional Dulcia Advanced Tonique

In salon texture services are about changing shape and altering the structure of the hair to achieve a particular look or style.

Senior Stylist Stylist
Full Head
£50 £37
Half Head
£40 £34

Hair Treatments

Hair treatments are essential for any type of hair

Treatments help protect hair from damage, restores and replenishes the hair’s condition and promotes healthy hair growth. Treatment will also help reduce colour fade.


Joico Hair Treatments
Masks From £5.00
KPAK 2 Step From £8.00
KPAK 4 Step From £15.00
KPAK 2 Step From £8.00

L’Oreal Hair Treatments

Hair By Jones are proud stockists of:
L’Oreal Professional Colour
Joico Haircare range
Kebelo Smoothing System
Tangle teezer
Invisi bobble